What To Do With 5 Million Cubic Yards Of Dirt From New Haven Harbor?

Jan 12, 2018

In Connecticut, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers will soon dredge New Haven Harbor to make way for ships.

The Corps told New Haven residents this week that it’s still not sure what to do with up to 5 million cubic yards of sand, silt, rock and potential pollution that it will dig up.

Louis Burch, the Connecticut director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says residents don’t want to see the same old solution.

“They don’t want Long Island Sound to be used as a dumping ground. The business as usual approach for years and years and years to simply bring this waste out into the middle of the open water and to dump it out there is not the preferable method.”

The Army Corp of Engineers says the New Haven Harbor material won’t meet standards for beach sand replenishment. A report will say which contaminants are in the material this spring.