Uber-Like Bus Service To Be Tested In Norwalk

Jun 15, 2018

The City of Norwalk and the Connecticut Department of Transportation will test a new Uber-like bus service.  

Kimberlee Morton, chief executive officer of the Norwalk Transit District, the regional bus system, says they’ll pilot a new on-demand service that picks people up if enough riders request service through an app “as opposed to the traditional large buses that kind of just run a traditional fixed route and loop around all day regardless of the amount of ridership on a particular line.”

The pilot program will run between South Norwalk and the city’s Wall Street during late evening hours Thursday through Sunday. Morton says the service will expand to neighboring towns if it’s successful.

“We anticipate being able to move more people for less dollars and we are able to obviously respond to immediate demands versus a regular timed route.”  

The pilot program is expected to begin in August.