Stony Brook Receives $25 Million To Jumpstart New Engineering Center

Aug 17, 2018

New York State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan has announced $25 million in funding for a new Engineering Center at Stony Brook University on Long Island.

The funds were secured by Flanagan and State Senator Kenneth LaValle.

Flanagan says the new facility is necessary if Long Island is to build and maintain its tech corridor.

“It’s unbelievably important. When I’m speaking to people working in the engineering field, they’re trying to keep people here. So anything we can do governmentally that subsidizes what goes on in the private sector, is really very, very important.”

Stony Brook President Dr. Samuel Stanley says you need a state of the art facility to develop engineers for the innovation economy.

“You have to have a workforce. And as you know people tend to stay in the area where they are educated, so providing these great graduates around the Long Island area is going to make Long Island a place where companies are going to want to come.”

The $25 million state grant will allow for initial plans to be developed. $75 million more needs to be raised.