Sen. Blumenthal: NRA's 'Vice-Like Grip' On Congress Is Breaking

Oct 6, 2017

Three Connecticut members of Congress joined gun control activists, including members of Sandy Hook Promise and the Newtown Action Alliance, in front of police headquarters in New Haven Friday. They called on Congress to take action to prevent gun violence in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy.

U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy and New Haven Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro are Democrats who over the years have had little success convincing their Republican colleagues to pass stricter gun control measures. But Blumenthal said he’s beginning to seeing cracks in the Republican opposition.

“We are breaking the vice-like grip of the NRA on Congress. These cracks in the ice are real.”

Murphy told the audience that the ultimate push for change will have to come from outside Washington.

“It is going to be the growing anti-gun violence movement represented here today by the all these groups getting stronger by the minute that are going to force Congress to act and ultimately save people’s lives.”

DeLauro said the growing anti-gun violence movement should encourage Democrats.

“The numbers are with us. The country is with us. And I have to say as a Democrat we have to stop being afraid to stand up and say no. Let’s go with where the majority of the country is and take that action now."

The lawmakers acknowledged that much of the legislation they are pushing are unlikely to be approved in the present Congress but they are hoping they will be campaign issues in 2018.