Reps. King, Zeldin Could Hold Key Votes On Health Care Bill

Mar 22, 2017

The House of Representatives will vote on a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Thursday. Whether the bill lives or dies could depend on the votes of three downstate New York Republican representatives. A new amendment to the bill has complicated their positions.

The amendment proposed by Representative Chris Collins of Erie County would force the state to pick up the Medicaid costs of upstate and Long Island counties, excluding New York City.

Governor Cuomo says there’s no way to make up the shortfall.

Congressman Daniel Donovan of Staten Island said he could not support the bill with the added amendment. Congressman Peter King of Nassau County has remained uncommitted.

Congressman Lee Zeldin called the amendment the single greatest act of fiscal relief ever provided to Suffolk County and its taxpayers. He’s been a strong advocate for repealing the Affordable Care Act.