New Haven Art Scene Goes Interactive With 'GAME ON!'

Sep 21, 2016

This fall City-Wide Open Studios in New Haven will feature 10 interactive art installations for the theme, “GAME ON!” WSHU’s Cassandra Basler tried some of the games at an arcade on Tuesday.

Bob Gregson wears a four-foot wide foam puzzle piece around his hips like a hula hoop. Gregson designed 26 of these pieces for his “People Puzzle” to help strangers connect with each other.

Now, he helps me try a puzzle piece on.

“Just put it on the ground. Step into the center,” Gregson says.

I pull up the piece until it locks around my waist. Then Gregson and I try to put our pieces together.

“We have to decide on which area we’re gonna connect with.”

“This looks like it might fit…”

“It better fit…Yeah, there it is.”

Gregson says there is no pattern to the puzzle. People create any shape they want.

“This is part of the craziness of it, is if you have to move together, without breaking the puzzle. And if we can get other people to connect with us, that would be great.”

Other games include a public art scavenger hunt and a youth basketball tournament. The games begin October 15 at Goffe Street Armory in New Haven.


Watch Greg and Cassandra show how the “People Puzzle” comes together.