Music Respawn! Plied Sound's Voyage With Burly Men At Sea

Oct 25, 2016

Burly Men at Sea screenshot
Credit brain&brain

Burly Men at Sea, created by David and Brooke Condolora of Brain & Brain isn't your typical seafaring adventure, and Plied Sound's original music isn't your typical soundtrack either. Nate Sandberg and Matt Joynt had lots of fun creating a "handcrafted" soundtrack and sound design and it shows, as you'll hear in our conversation.

The three Burly Men have thrilling adventures, encountering a Kraken, selkies and even a messenger of death, all handled with great humor in the music and sound design.

Matt and Nate of Plied Sound are an award-winning studio that creates the music for many of Apple's TV spots and keynote videos. Although this is their first soundtrack, they hope it'll be the first of many!

Episode tracklist:

Plied Sound: Burly Men at Sea: Mischief, Aweigh!, Disturbing the Local Wildlife, The Gift Long Sought, Heroic Feats, The Brothers Seal, Folks in the Village, Back Door, Rubbish in the News

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