DEEP Commissioner Attacks Trump Administration On Environmental Rollbacks

Nov 29, 2017

Connecticut’s energy commissioner is attacking the Trump Administration’s attempt to repeal the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.  

During a public hearing in West Virginia on Wednesday. Robert Klee said Trump’s EPA is ignoring reliable data that show the impact of human activity on climate change.   

WSHU reached Klee on his cell phone on his way back from West Virginia. He said even the scientists working for the federal government agree that greenhouse gases affect the environment.     

“You can’t ignore those facts, particularly when those facts are having a significant impact in Connecticut, the Northeast, and frankly, all across this country.”  

Klee says the recent rainstorms in October are an example of climate change in Connecticut.

“Two back-to-back four-inch rain events. That’s our new normal, where you get all the rain for the month in a day or two and our infrastructure is not designed to handle that.”

He says Connecticut has joined New York in a consortium of states to fight a legal battle against the EPA’s move to repeal the Clean Power Plan.