A conversation with Ralph Nader on whistleblowers, NSA spying, GM, & Congressional politics

Apr 1, 2014

Ralph Nader at Yale Law School on Tuesday
Credit Craig LeMoult

For five decades, Ralph Nader has spoken out against injustices he’s seen in the commercial world and in government. The longtime consumer advocate and sometime presidential candidate is a lifelong resident of Winsted, CT and still lives there today.  And today, he’s organized and is moderating a panel discussion at Yale University entitled “Showdown for Democracy: Lawyers, Whistleblowers and the National Security State.” He spoke with WSHU's Craig LeMoult.

And, in addition to what aired on Tuesday's All Things Considered, here's more from our conversation with Ralph Nader, including what he thinks about current troubles at General Motors, and what he'd like to see in the next Congressional election.