Connecticut Considers Expanding Freight Rail System

Jun 8, 2018

This week, the Connecticut Port Authority announced that the state is moving forward with a $500,000 study at the Port of New Haven.

The study will see how it can improve connections between the state’s busiest deepwater port and the freight rail system.

Scott Bates, chair of the port authority, said, “A port is only as good as the rail connections in and out of it so that we can keep trucks off the highways and we can move products as fast as anywhere else in the Northeast.”

Bates says right now, trucks have to haul cargo from the New Haven docks up to the railroad. He says extending freight rail down to the water could cut down on traffic and emissions.

A Department of Transportation study published last year shows that trucks carry nearly 95 percent of freight cargo through the state. It says the state’s freight system creates nearly $60 billion in business each year and it accounts for a quarter of the state’s economy.