Bridgeport To Open Puerto Rico Relief Center

Oct 30, 2017

Bridgeport is set to officially open its Puerto Rico Relief Center this Wednesday.

Rosa Correa, coordinator for the center, says, “We’re already open but officially open on the 1st of November, and this will be a clearinghouse for resources to be disseminated throughout the community.    

Correa says people coming into the city can get help connecting with a variety of service, including finding a job, accessing schools and getting medical attention.

Correa says even though many people coming to the city are staying with family or friends, housing everyone is still their biggest challenge. Especially public housing.   

“There is very little housing available for the residents, the people who are already here. This is an added burden. So we’re trying to expedite processes within the public housing component to see how we can get them to alleviate some of the red tape so those families can apply.”

Correa says they are also reaching out to local landlords to find private housing.

Connecticut officials are anticipating that 77,000 people will move to the state from Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria.

The Center will be located on the first floor of 350 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport. New Haven and Hartford have opened similar centers.