ABC Show ‘American Housewife’ To Stop Mocking Norwalk After Public Outcry

Nov 29, 2017

The ABC television show “American Housewife” says it will make no more mentions of the city of Norwalk in future episodes. The announcement came in response to the local outrage over a recent episode.

In its Halloween episode, the main character’s daughter chose to dress up as a pregnant prom girl from Norwalk.

The television show, which depicts life in Westport, has occasionally mocked the city of Norwalk in other episodes as well.  

Residents, politicians and school officials sent letters to ABC complaining that this is a form of bullying to the town and its children.

Brenda Williams, chief communications director for Norwalk Public Schools, says, “Well we teach our children in Norwalk at a young age that bullying in any form is not acceptable. And in this case, the reputation of Norwalk and our students was also at stake. So for that reason we felt it was important to stand up for our children and for who we are as a community.”

In a statement, the show’s producers said “As a comedy, ‘American Housewife’ isn’t intended to offend anyone. We’ve heard the concerns of the people of Norwalk and have made the decision to omit any mentions of the city from future episodes.”