Richard Drew / AP

The Metropolitan Transit Authority began testing Positive Train Control on two of its major lines this week.

Frank Eltman / AP

The U.S. Justice Department has promoted a Long Island prosecutor to lead a national task force to combat MS-13. John Durham was praised for arresting “hundreds of MS-13 members” on Long Island and will take over the federal effort.

Jessica Hill / AP

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut says he’s confident the federal government will keep funding the EPA’s $65 million-a-year Long Island Sound stewardship program.

Jill Ryan / WSHU

Thousands of jack o’ lanterns are lighting a spooky half-mile path in Nassau County. It’s The RISE of the Jack o’Lanterns, the annual Halloween display at Old Westbury Gardens.

Julio Cortez / AP

Less than a year ago, Toys R Us fired more than 30,000 workers and closed all its stores. The owners are eyeing a relaunch despite obstacles. Workers who never received severance payments are furious.